Rustic Resource Texas, LLC is your place to find reclaimed Texas treasures for your home, business or unique projects.  We rescue wood and architectural features from old Texas ranches, homes, barns and buildings, then catalog the history associated for each item.

Our passion for saving antique properties launched Rustic Resource Texas, LLC.  Our service offers DEMOLITION, SALVAGE and RESALE of Reclaimed Texas Treasures!

Demolition & Property Prep Services

Let us quote your house, barn, shed or other structure that needs to be taken down and hauled away. We can also clear out and clean-up a property, remove trash, shred or mow overgrown areas, etc.  Tell us what you want done and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote that will include permits and requirements for the property location.

Resale of Reclaimed Texas Treasures

They don’t grow them like they used to!  We rescue old wood, architectural features and fixtures then offer these vintage pieces for your special projects.  Stock comes with its history, whenever we’re able to get the story.   Check with us for available stock such as barn wood, long-leaf pine flooring, tin and solid wood doors, ready to be reclaimed for a fresh life in your project.

Salvage Services

Salvage of materials for your reuse from a demolition project takes special handling.  We’ll work to remove and preserve materials you want to keep and take away the rest. Organizing and/or transport of your chosen materials can also be arranged.

Projects & Reclaimed Materials

Want to see some of our past projects?  What about what we’re currently working on?  Come look through our photo gallery of projects as well as what we have in stock for you to select from for your own projects.

Contact Sharon Flagg at (713) 205-3598 or Email: